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Sinhalese Name Generator

Looking for cool Sinhalese names for your fantasy characters or D&D campaigns? Use our Sinhalese Names Generator to find the perfect fit!

Nissan Goonatilake

Imali Pannaseeha

Dumindu Jayasinha

Peshila Kalupahana

Dilumi Samarakoon

Chathurangi Jayatilleka

Pradeepanie Jayaweera

Wasundara Priyantha

Nayana Ponnamperuma

Amarathunge Kumaratunga

Malithi Attygale

Eranga Jayamaha

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Introduction to Sinhalese Names

Sinhalese names are traditional names used by the Sinhalese people, who are the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. These names have deep cultural and historical significance, often reflecting the country's rich heritage and religious beliefs. Sinhalese names are typically unique and meaningful, carrying the hopes and aspirations of the parents for their children.

How to Use the Sinhalese Name Generator?

Input options

The Sinhalese Names Generator allows you to generate authentic Sinhalese names for various purposes such as naming a baby, creating fictional characters, or for any other creative endeavor. To use the generator, simply enter your preferences in the input options.

Customize settings

You can customize the settings to generate names based on gender, traditional or modern names, and even specify the desired meanings or significance you want the names to have.

Generate names

Once you have set your preferences, click on the "Generate Names" button, and the tool will provide you with a list of unique Sinhalese names that match your criteria.

Sinhalese Names Generator Features

Gender-specific names

The Sinhalese Names Generator offers a wide range of names for both males and females. You can easily find names that are specifically suited for boys or girls, making it easier to choose the perfect name for your child.

Traditional vs. modern names

The generator provides a mix of traditional and modern Sinhalese names. Traditional names often have historical and cultural significance, while modern names reflect contemporary trends and influences.

Name meanings and significance

The Sinhalese Names Generator not only generates names but also provides their meanings and significance. This allows you to choose names with specific meanings that resonate with your personal preferences or cultural beliefs.

Tips for Choosing Sinhalese Names

Cultural considerations

When choosing a Sinhalese name, it is important to consider the cultural significance and appropriateness of the name. Understanding the cultural context and meanings associated with certain names can help you make an informed decision.

Popular naming trends

Stay updated with the popular naming trends in Sri Lanka to ensure that your chosen name is modern and relevant. This can help your child feel connected to their generation and avoid outdated or uncommon names.

Naming customs and traditions

Learn about the naming customs and traditions followed by the Sinhalese community. This can include naming conventions based on family lineage, religious beliefs, or astrological considerations.

Generated Sinhalese Names

Male names


Female names


Unisex names


Naming Etiquette in Sinhalese Culture

Naming rituals and ceremonies

In Sinhalese culture, naming rituals and ceremonies are an important part of welcoming a newborn. These ceremonies often involve religious blessings and the gathering of family and friends to celebrate the child's arrival.

Naming after family members

It is common for Sinhalese families to name their children after their grandparents or other family members as a way to honor and preserve family traditions. This practice helps maintain a strong sense of familial identity and connection.

Superstitions and beliefs

Superstitions and beliefs also play a role in naming practices among the Sinhalese. Some families may consult astrologers or consider auspicious dates and times to ensure a positive future for their child.

Importance of Preserving Sinhalese Names

Cultural identity and heritage

Preserving Sinhalese names is crucial for maintaining the cultural identity and heritage of the Sinhalese community. Names reflect the values, history, and traditions of a society, and losing them can lead to a loss of cultural richness.

Language preservation efforts

By using and preserving Sinhalese names, we contribute to the efforts of language preservation. In a globalized world, it is important to protect and promote diverse languages and their associated naming practices.

Impact of globalization on naming trends

Globalization has led to the influence of Western naming trends and the adoption of more international names. While this can be seen as a sign of cultural exchange, it is equally important to preserve traditional names to maintain the distinctiveness of Sinhalese culture.