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Discover unique Sanskrit names for your fantasy characters or DND campaigns with our Sanskrit Names Generator. Get cool and authentic names in a snap!













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Introduction to Sanskrit Names

Sanskrit is an ancient language that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is known for its rich vocabulary and intricate grammar. Sanskrit names have deep cultural and historical significance and are often chosen for their beautiful meanings. Whether you are looking for a name for your baby, a character in a story, or a name for your business, the Sanskrit Names Generator can help you find the perfect name.

How to Use the Sanskrit Names Generator

To use the Sanskrit Names Generator, follow these simple steps:

Input options:

The Sanskrit Names Generator provides several input options to customize your name search:

  • Select gender: Choose whether you want a male, female, or unisex name.
  • Specify name length: Decide how many characters you want the name to have.
  • Choose starting letter (optional): If you have a specific starting letter in mind, you can select it.

Once you have chosen your input options, you can proceed to generate names.

Generate a single name

If you only need one name, simply click the "Generate" button and the Sanskrit Names Generator will provide you with a single name based on your input options.

Generate multiple names at once

If you need multiple names, you can specify the number of names you want and click the "Generate" button. The Sanskrit Names Generator will generate a list of names for you to choose from.

Save or copy generated names

If you come across a name that you like, you can save it or copy it to use later. The Sanskrit Names Generator provides options to save or copy the generated names for your convenience.

Sample Generated Sanskrit Names


Popular Sanskrit Names

Male names

1. Arjun

2. Vishnu

3. Rohit

4. Siddharth

5. Ashwin

6. Krishna

7. Amit

8. Gaurav

9. Ravi

10. Ajay

Female names

1. Priya

2. Aishwarya

3. Sunita

4. Deepika

5. Kavita

6. Radha

7. Anjali

8. Meena

9. Pooja

10. Rani

Unisex names

1. Akshay

2. Rama

3. Kiran

4. Kamal

5. Om

6. Indra

7. Jyoti

8. Nikhil

9. Shanti

10. Anil

Unique Sanskrit Names for Different Purposes

Sanskrit names for babies

1. Aarav

2. Saanvi

3. Ishaan

4. Avni

5. Vivaan

6. Myra

7. Keshav

8. Diya

9. Ayan

10. Tara

Sanskrit names for businesses

1. Arogya

2. Vidyut

3. Nirvana

4. Prakriti

5. Yatra

6. Surya

7. Samadhi

8. Mantra

9. Dhara

10. Aakar

Sanskrit names for characters (writers, gamers, etc.)

1. Vidur

2. Aarya

3. Daksha

4. Gyan

5. Nidhi

6. Vedant

7. Anika

8. Loka

9. Yogi

10. Charu

Sanskrit names for pets

1. Simha

2. Gopi

3. Maya

4. Tara

5. Chandra

6. Bala

7. Mithra

8. Gauri

9. Kali

10. Hari

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Sanskrit name dictionaries and resources

If you want to explore Sanskrit names further, there are several Sanskrit name dictionaries and resources available. These resources can provide you with a comprehensive list of Sanskrit names, their meanings, and additional information about their cultural and historical significance.