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Puritan Name Generator

Discover authentic Puritan names for your fantasy characters or D&D campaigns with our cool Puritan Names Generator. Unleash the power of history!

Desire Mede

Faint-not Teate

Obey Whitaker

Approved Travers

Troth Travers

Wrestling Wither

Resolved Whitehead

Felicity Hake

Joy Howe

Redeemed Fulke

Learn-Wisdom Woodbridge

Tribulation Penry

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Introduction to Puritan Names

Puritan names refer to the naming conventions and practices followed by the Puritans during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Puritans, a religious group who sought to purify the Church of England, placed great emphasis on biblical names and their meanings. They believed that a person's name should reflect their religious beliefs and virtues.

How to Use the Puritan Name Generator?

Input options

When using the Puritan Names Generator, you have the option to input specific criteria for generating names. You can choose the gender of the name, the number of syllables, and the starting letter or letters.

Customize options

In addition to the input options, you can also customize the generated names by selecting specific meanings or themes. This allows you to find names that align with your preferences or specific requirements.

Generate names

Once you have set your input options and customized preferences, you can click the "Generate Names" button to generate a list of Puritan names that meet your criteria. The generator will provide you with a diverse selection of names to choose from.

Generated Puritan Names

GraceFemaleRefers to God's grace and mercy
JonathanMaleMeans "gift of God"
PrudenceFemaleSignifies wisdom and caution
EzekielMaleDerived from the Hebrew name meaning "God strengthens"
CharityFemaleSignifies kindness and giving
ObadiahMaleMeans "servant of God" in Hebrew
PatienceFemaleRefers to the virtue of patience
GideonMaleMeans "destroyer" or "mighty warrior" in Hebrew
TemperanceFemaleRefers to moderation and self-restraint
IsaiahMaleDerived from the Hebrew for "salvation of God"

Meanings and Significance of Puritan Names

Puritan naming conventions were deeply rooted in biblical references and religious beliefs. The names chosen often carried significant meanings and symbolized virtues or qualities that the Puritans held in high regard. For example, names like Faith, Hope, and Grace reflected their strong religious faith and values.

Furthermore, certain Puritan names were believed to bring blessings or protection to the individual. Names like Mercy, Prudence, and Patience were associated with specific virtues and were seen as desirable traits to possess.

Historical Context of Puritan Names

The Puritan era, which spanned from the late 16th century to the early 18th century, was characterized by a strict adherence to religious principles and a desire to reform the Church of England. Naming practices during this time were heavily influenced by religious texts and the beliefs of the Puritan community.

Puritans believed that a person's name played a significant role in shaping their identity and moral character. They sought to choose names that reflected their religious convictions and served as reminders of their commitment to God.

Popular Puritan Names

During the Puritan era, certain names gained popularity and became commonly used within the community. Some popular Puritan names for males included John, Samuel, and Benjamin. For females, names like Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah were frequently chosen.

These names were often associated with biblical figures or virtues and held deep religious significance for the Puritans. They were seen as timeless and honorable choices that reflected the individual's commitment to their faith.

Unique Puritan Names

In addition to the popular names, there were also unique and distinctive Puritan names that were less commonly used. These names often had uncommon spellings or were derived from lesser-known biblical figures.

Unique Puritan names included Prudence, Experience, and Increase for females, and Eleazar, Nehemiah, and Resolved for males. These names stood out and showcased the Puritans' desire to choose names that were distinct and meaningful.

The rarity of these names today adds to their uniqueness and makes them an interesting choice for parents looking for something different and historically significant.