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Persian Name Generator

Persian Name Generator

Generate unique, cool Persian names for fantasy and DND with our Persian Names Generator tool.

Siamak Arjmand

Payam Farzin

Mahya Sobhani

Somayeh Noori

Nader Meskini

Vida Mashayekhi

Baran Jahangiri

Reza Jafarnejad

Hooman Lotfi

Fakhri Sayyadi

Parviz Mosta'An

Farrokh Golzar

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Introduction to Persian Name Generator

The Persian Names Generator on is a unique tool designed to assist you in finding the perfect Persian name. Whether you're a writer seeking inspiration for a character's name, a soon-to-be parent looking for a unique name for your baby, or simply someone interested in Persian culture, our Persian name generator can help. By using this innovative tool, you can explore an extensive collection of authentic Persian names with just a click of a button.

Features of Persian Names Generator

Our Persian Names Generator is equipped with several features to make your search for the perfect Persian name as easy and enjoyable as possible. It allows you to filter names based on gender and length, ensuring that you find a name that fits your specific needs. The generator also provides a vast array of names to choose from, all of which are authentic Persian names. Additionally, the generator is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making your name-finding journey a breeze.

How to Use Persian Name Generator?

Using the Persian Names Generator is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Select Gender

Choose the gender for the name you are looking for - whether it's a male, female, or unisex name.

Step 2: Choose Name Length

Select your preferred length for the name. You can opt for a short, medium, or long name.

Step 3: Click on Generate Button

Once you've selected your preferences, click on the 'Generate' button to get a list of names.

Step 4: Browse and Select Your Desired Name

Scroll through the generated names and select the one that appeals to you the most.

Generated Persian Names

DariusMaleHe who holds firm to good
JamshidMaleShining Jam

The Significance of Persian Names

Persian names carry a great deal of significance and are often chosen to represent certain aspirations or characteristics. They are deeply rooted in the country's rich history and culture, often drawing inspiration from nature, virtues, and ancient Persian mythology. A name isn't just a label in Persian culture; it's a meaningful symbol that can influence a person's destiny.

Understanding the Structure of Persian Names

Typically, Persian names consist of a given name followed by a surname. The given name is often chosen based on its meaning, while the surname usually denotes the family's lineage or profession. Some Persian names also have prefixes or suffixes that further enhance their meaning.

Popular Persian Names and Their Meanings

Here are some popular Persian names and their meanings:

  • Azar: A popular female name meaning 'fire.'
  • Darius: A male name meaning 'he who holds firm to good.'
  • Farah: A female name meaning 'joy.'
  • Jamshid: A male name meaning 'shining Jam.'
  • Kamran: A male name meaning 'successful.'

With the Persian Names Generator on, you can discover many more beautiful and meaningful Persian names.