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The name of the ship, how to choose it with our generator

Inescapable procedure, giving a ship name to your vessel can turn out to be a more complicated operation than it looks. And if you're a tad superstitious, it can even turn into a puzzle! The ship, like the natural person, must have a ship name which is freely given to it, in principle, by its owner. According to administrative usage, it is forbidden to attribute to the ship a name which has already been taken by another seagoing vessel. This rule strictly applies only to ships over 24 meters in length. by means of the certificate of non-similarity of ship name which will be required when registering the boat. Our generator will generate names that sound poetic or perhaps luxurious, the choice is yours.

Restrictions and beliefs

There are indeed legal exceptions related to possible breaches of public order, good morals, or even common sense. ship Names were refused based on the translation of the country in question some ship names may in fact be distress names and therefore be confusing. It is however possible to ask to change the surname of your boat, but this is rare, because it would bring bad luck according to beliefs. Our generator will generate a list of names of poetic or luxurious sounding boats while blacklisting names likely to infringe public order.