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How our random generator works

Depending on the options chosen, our generator will generate a list of random names, this can be according to the quantity of names, the number of characters or even the origin of the name chosen. By default, we will generate a list of totally random names.

Why used a generated first and last name ?

Using generated names is useful when writing a story, such as a play, movie, or book. We know that it is sometimes difficult to write a whole story from 0, especially if the characters originate from countries outside our continent, some last names can be completely different from those you are used to. to see, in China for example, the majority of Chinese have a last name listed in a "top 100" and their number of characters does not generally exceed 4, in the Magreb we can often find "el" in front of a name of family, which means "the". Between subtlety and origin, it is not uncommon for you to make a mistake concerning the choice of a name, our generator can take its parameters into account and generate names which perfectly respect the origin of the name in question.