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Why do I have to generate a name ?

A nickname makes it possible to name a person other than by his first name or his name, it thus makes it possible to better distinguish an individual. our generator will generate a list of nicknames based on the first names of existing people. A last name will also be proposed to you during the generated content. A nickname can be based on the first name of a person, it allows to attribute to him a more friendly, fresher air. Some people find it easier to remember a person's nickname, especially if they are not used to remembering first names that may come from other cultures or countries. Some nicknames can be simply descriptive and become affectionate or derogatory. They define the authenticity / uniqueness of the person, for example a physical or moral particularity, however our generator will only process the short forms of individual names.

Common mistakes in relation to the nickname

It's important not to confuse a nickname with a pseudonym, the nickname being the one assigned by a third party, unlike the pseudonym chosen by the person who wears it. you can find our page dedicated to pseudonym generation here.