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How to choose the right fantasy name ?

Using our tools, you can generate a fantasy name based on its race such as elf, knight, dragon, dnd, human, angel demon and monsters. in order to choose the corresponding fantasy name, indicate the race and gender of the fantasy name that must be generated.

The importance of the lastname

While it sounds easy (and wrongly) to come up with a fantasy name it is difficult for a novel / movie creator to come up with a fantasy name from scratch. It is therefore no surprise that fantasy name are among the most complicated to find, (despite the funny aspect of the thing) and that authors take a long time to imagine them. If you are having trouble finding a suitable fancy name, our generator will be essential for you. Indeed, it allows you to generate a list of several fantasy names according to the criteria that you have pre-defined in our form. You begin to see the benefits in terms of saving time that our generator will bring you.