Name Generator

Our tools allow you to generate random names to help you find the exact name that meets your expectations. There are options available to guide the process, such as male, female, or universal gender.

Why do I have to generate a name with the generator ?

It's hard these days to come up with a unique name, especially a pseudonym. While the earth is now populated by 7.7 billion people and the activity of social networks or video games is growing, the sites in question will very often ask you for a "unique" nickname. Frustrated, you will notice that despite many combinations, none will work due to the unavailability of these. The sites (if the option exists) will very often offer you crazy names generated in a chaotic way. This is where the name generator function of our site comes in, we offer you an online tool allowing you to generate a name according to your preferences and tastes. For example, you can increase the number of characters, customize the number of name or pseudo generated and add options so that the name found with our generator is as precise as possible.

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How to generate a name ?

Here are some steps to generate a nickname :

  • Go to our main page : Go to the main page of
  • Choose a category : From our many choices, choose the category of name you are targeting
  • Set our name generator : many parameters are available to generate your names, select the one you want such as gender, size ect.
  • Enter the quantity and generate ! : All you have to do is finish by clicking on "generate" once you have indicated the quantity requested.
  • How to find the generated name that works best for me from the generator ?

    From the list of names offered on our main page, choose the category that meets your expectations. If for example I am looking for a nickname, I would choose the nickname category. From the page dedicated to this category, several options will be available to you depending on this one. Some categories offer you, for example, gender, age, country or type. These options are not mandatory but will allow you to better understand your thinking, which we advise you.

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    Our name generator includes minorities

    Because it is important that everyone can recognize themselves, name generator makes it accessible to the gender or religious minority to be able to find themselves in generator names that match best. Lately, we have included "Unisex" in the generator choice parameters. We are committed to ensuring that each person can identify with our site, do not hesitate to send us your suggestions in our contact form.

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